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The Yellow House

The Yellow House was a subject of film and video during its existence between 1970-73. Footage exists in the form of colour and black and white film, and black and white videotape. A number of television interviews took place within the Yellow House and appeared on programs such as the ABC’s This Day Tonight and GTK. Also, in July 1971 film maker and Yellow House resident Albie Thoms made use of an Akai videotape recorder to produce 30 hours of footage under the banner Yellow TV. In 1995 Thoms compiled excerpts from this material, along with stills, to produce the 58 minute Akai Ghost Poems. A number of Yellow House participants have been interviewed subsequent to 1973, including Peter Wright by Roger Foley during the Yellow House retrospective exhibition held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales during 1990. This page brings together some of that material.

Featured Videos

Akai Ghost Poems, Albie Thoms, 1995. A compilation of video footage from the Yellow House, July 1971. National Film and Sound Archive Collection. Reproduced with the permission of the Albie Thoms Estate.

Interview with Peter Wright by Roger Foley, 1990. Reproduced with the permission of Roger Foley.

The Yellow House, GTK, ABC TV, 21 September 1971.

Adrian Rawlins on the Yellow House, 1990. Interview by Roger Foley.

Interview with Martin Sharp and others on the Yellow House, 2009.