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This is an example of a database case record

This is an example of a case record located in Westlaw AU using the case citator FirstPoint.

A Case Citator is a legal research tool which allows you to find cases, track a case's history and it's treatment by subsequent courts, and provide links to relevant cases, legislation and secondary sources. They allow you to determine if your case is still good law.

Other case citators include:
CaseBase in Lexis Advance
KeyCite in Westlaw US
Shepard’s in Lexis.com

Case Status Symbol

The Case Status Symbol alerts researchers to the status of the case. The status symbols are generated by litigation history and/or cases citing.

Different case citators use different symbols. Hover over the symbol to view the symbol’s meaning.

In this example the enclosed blue “H” indicates that the case has some history but is not known to be negative history.

Court Details

Note the court, judges, judgment date, jurisdiction, and party names.

Subject headings which describe the case. They are usually in bold or italics at the beginning of the case and identify the main legal issues dealt with.

TIP: Catchwords are a great source for keywords to add to your search.
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Cases are often reported in more than one law report series, such as CLR and ALR; citing the authorised report is preferable, if available. Note: not all law reports are authorised.

TIP: a list of Australian and International law reports is available in the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (Third edition): Appendix, pp. 285-315. Authorised, official or preferred series are identified with an asterisk.

Headnotes provide a summary of the decision, facts and issues of the case.

Related Documents

Case citators such as FirstPoint collate information related to the case, such as the judicial history of a case, cited documents, and related journal articles.

Example of Judgment Text.

This is an example of the judgment text of a case located in Westlaw AU using the case citator FirstPoint.

Court Details
Court: Name of the Court

Case Name: Name of the Parties

Citation: This is an example of a medium neutral citation which cites the court rather than a law report series. (Not all cases are published in law report series). Information on how to cite a case is to for your assignments using the AGLC referencing style is available in the AGLC Reference Guide

Judge: The name of the judge(s) who heard the case.

Judgment Date: The date of the decision